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The Lux Convention’s summary

The Lux Convention’s summary

Our meeting with the team

During the autograph sessions of the event organized by Starfury Conventions, we had the opportunity to chat a little with the series actors and screenwriters who are really all adorable.
Ildy Modrovich, Joe Henderson and Kevin Alejandro are very friendly and close to fans. Ildy even write us a note in French.
We were very touched by the kindness of Lesley-Ann Brandt who make us confortable during the photo shoot. D.B. Woodside was also reassuring, he is very introverted and caring.
Tricia Helfer is very professional and took the time to talk a little with us despite the long queue.
Unfortunately we couldn’t chat with Tom Ellis (Extra Guest) and our meeting with Lauren German was short but funny.

During the 3 days event, panels were held during which fans could ask questions.
Videos were unfortunately forbidden but we have prepared a written summary.

Tom Ellis

How does he play the Lucifer character?

He plays Lucifer instinctively and the character has developed as he goes along.

Is there a musical project planned around the Lucifer series?

No, but Ildy Modrovich wanted to make a musical episode (an episode will be closer of it in season 4).

What is his favorite title in the series soundtrack?

Fame, David Bowie (01×01)

Can he give us some information about season 4?

We will have to look at it … but we will see many wings.

Can he play us something?

He takes out his guitar and plays “Creep”. He tells us that it may be in season 4! (Applause)

What are the most difficult scenes to play for him?

He likes the difficulty. There will be a lot of fight scenes in Season 4 that were quite technical to play.

Can he say a few words in French?

“Bonjour, je voudrais un kilo de pommes de terre.” : “Hello, I would like a kilo of potatoes.” (Laughs)

Lesley-Ann Brandt and D.B. Woodside

Will there be flashbacks of Maze and Lucifer in hell?

It’s not planned, but Lesley-Ann would like that to happen in the next season and that we learn more about her relationship with Lucifer and the other demons.

How will evolve the relationship between Maze and Trixie, will they be reconciled?

She can’t say anything but we will see them together again in season 4.

Do they apprehend battle scenes?

D.B. Woodside loves it because it reveals the characters. They have a coach for this kind of scenes. During a catch, D.B dropped Lesley-Ann. He also made a fight scene with Vinessa Vidotto who play Remiel in season 4.

What will be the best episode of Season 4?

Episode 9 because Lauren German‘s performance is incredible.

Lesley-Ann Brandt and Tricia Helfer

What others characters in the series could they have played?

Lesley-Ann Brandt would like to play Lucifer.
Tricia Helfer almost played Chloe Decker. She and Lauren were selected for the final auditions, but she couldn’t break free because she was working on another project.

What nickname would they give to the Dan and Charlotte relationship?

Tricia Helfer prefers to let fans choose and like the nickname Danlotte. She kissed Kevin at the opening ceremony as she thought it was what the fans wanted. Behind the scenes, she then apologized to his wife. (Laughs)

Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson

Why does Lucifer call Chloe “Detective” rather than her first name?

He uses the term “Detective” because he has a lot of respect for her. When he pronounces “Chloe”, he drops his barriers and lets her get closer to him. They had to return a scene in season 4 because Tom used “Chloe” rather than “Detective”.

How did they come into contact with Netflix?

They were not at the negotiating table but heard about several broadcasters interested in the series, including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

How would the series have been if it had been broadcast on Netflix from the beginning?

They would have had more freedom, fewer cut scenes and much more nudity. This is what is planned for season 4.

Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Kevin Alejandro

Will Kevin direct an episode in season 4 as he did in season 3?

No, there are only 10 episodes so he couldn’t.

If Lauren was Chloe, what would be her reaction after seeing Lucifer’s devil face?

“Love is love”. When she loves it is unconditional so she would not judge him and accept him as he is. According to her, the fact that Chloe didn’t know Lucifer’s true identity during the first few seasons was a bit frustrating.
Tom thinks it’s the right time for her to know and it’s starting a new chapter. We will know more in season 4!

What do they like about working together?

They have a lot of humor and like to have fun between shootings while taking their work very seriously. Tom and Kevin mimic Lauren watching her shoes and moving her shoulders when she tries to hide a laugh during a scene. (Laughs)

If you want to participate in a convention about the Lucifer series, there are already 3 planned in Europe!
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