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Deckerstar: what will become of them in season 4?

Deckerstar: what will become of them in season 4?

How will the detective react when she will see Lucifer’s devil face?

In an interview with TV Line, Joe Henderson explains that there is a reason why they stopped on a wide shot of Lucifer and Chloe standing opposite each other. There is no turning back possible. It is the end of an arc and the beginning of a following. Chloe now knows the truth and must face the fact that her partner is actually the devil but also the man she has come to love.

How will Chloe behave now that she knows the truth?

Chloe has to face the reality that her roommate Mazikeen is a demon and that Lucifer Morningstar is really the devil. She has a sense of responsibility as a mother. Can she really let a demon live with her little girl? What does she think of Lucifer now? The bonus episode Boo Normal which was supposed to be broadcast in season 4 may already give some idea of Chloe’s behavior. Indeed, she seems to accept Ella’s “ghosts” and we can assume that she has also accepted Lucifer’s devil status.

How important will be Chloe and Lucifer relationship in Season 4?

The big revelation of the season 3 final will certainly give a new implication to the series and the Deckerstar couple. Can Chloe work with the devil? Can she love the devil?

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