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Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix: first news

Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix: first news

The episodes format should remain the same.

Currently, 10 unpublished episodes are planned for season 4. The 2 bonus episodes already aired are not part of it but they could possibly be added, notably the Boo Normal episode which could fit more easily into the scenario.
A priori, the format of 43 minutes per episode will be preserved. However screenwriters will have a little more freedom and will have the opportunity to lengthen slightly if they want to keep a scene for example.

Exclusive distribution by Netflix will have an influence on the scenario.

Season 4 on Netflix will include what was to be the first half of the original arc of Season 4. The story will be concentrated to “hold” on 10 episodes and therefore more intense.
Although the series will keep its original tone, we can expect some small changes on season 4 like slightly more violent scenes and more nudity. Indeed, there will be no censorship on the part of the broadcaster.
For example, the memorable scene of season 1 where Lucifer stripped towards Chloe had to be retouched. This will probably not be the case with Netflix which tends to give “carte blanche” to the writers.
We can’t wait 😉

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