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Inbar Lavi will act as Eve in Lucifer Season 4

Inbar Lavi will act as Eve in Lucifer Season 4

She wants to reconnect with her old crush Lucifer.

In the Bible, Eve is the first sinner of humanity after being tempted by the devil himself in the Garden of Eden.
According to the writers, after an eternity with Adam, the character begins to be bored in her marriage and may want to return to more exciting times trying to revive the flame with Lucifer.
It could disturb the Deckerstar duo in season 4.

We can also wonder what will be her reaction after the death of her son Cain alias Marcus Pierce.
Will she be mad at Lucifer and Chloe?
What will be her interactions with the other characters like Maze or Ella whose faith was compromised during season 3?

Inbar Lavi’s biography and filmography:

Inbar Lavi is a 31 years old Israeli-American actress.
She is best known for her role as Raviva in the Underemployed TV show. She has also performed in Prison Break and Imposters.

Inbar studied ballet and modern dance at Kiarat Sharet School of Arts in Holon and then moved to The Sofi Moskowitz School of Acting in Tel Aviv.
At the age of seventeen and a half, she moved to New York to practice modeling and theater. She stayed there for eight months before moving to Los Angeles.