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Lucifer Season 5: what’s up?

Lucifer Season 5: what’s up?

The Instagram live

While season four has just aired on Netflix and no official announcement has yet been made for a season five, Tom Ellis, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson answered questions from fans about the rest of the series in a question/answer session on Instagram.

Questions and answers

About the prophecy… when God put Chloe in Lucifer’s path, was it his plan to release evil when he falls in love with her.

JH: That is a good question.

IM: Interesting, because the prophecy actually… we never totally explained it and it’s true, which is ‘evil being released’ is evil being released from Lucifer. [TE gasps]

TE: There you go.

JH: Lucifer becomes a better person.

TE: I’m glad you tell me that now. [They all burst out laughing]

What can you say about Chloe’s reaction to Lucifer leaving her like that? Would she understand or is she gonna be hurt?

IM: Oh, she’s gonna be so over it so fast. [TE starts laughing]

JH: Yeah, I don’t really feel it would…

TE: I feel like she’s going to quickly move on to Amenadiel, because once you start with an angel you won’t go back. [IM & JH start laughing]

IM: It’s true.

JH: Yeah. There is it.

Will Lucifer and Chloe ever get together?

TE: Oooh…

JH: No. [JH & IM start laughing]

IM: Never.

TE: It’s too much to come back from.

JH: Yeah. Sorry.

IM: I mean, how can you ever live up to the expectations–?

TEOf course they will!

We need more nudity.

IM: Who doesn’t.

TE: That’s a statement… which you sent to me in the beginning of season 4. [JH starts laughing]

IM: We did, and I think we delivered.

JH: You got the butt– you got the b, I guess you want the d. [All gasp]

IM: How dare you!

Is Chloe secretly an angel?

TE: Is she?

JH: Lauren [German] is!

TE: Good answer, Joe.

IM: We are… can we say what we’re gonna explore in season 5?

JH: We can… next time!

Will we meet more of Lucifer’s siblings in season 5 (if there is a season 5)?

IM: Could be.

TE: I’m sure there are more siblings, that’s for sure.

JH: There are a lot. Who would you guys like to see?

IM: That’s a good question.

TE: Who would you like to see?

If there is a season 5 will Chloe try to “rescue” Lucifer from Hell back to Earth?

TE: Well, how on earth would she do that? That’s a ridiculous question. [IM & JH burst out laughing]

JH: Yeah, that doesn’t sound like anything the show would ever—

IM: If she was an angel…

JH & TE: Ooh…

Teaser 1

JH: A quick time out from answering questions; we want to give you guys a genuine tease into season 5 (if we did season 5). And this tease is that while in Hell, Lucifer will encounter a familiar face to Lucifans.

IM: Who could that be?

TE: Who is it? I don’t know.

IM: Who do you think that might be? Hitler?

JH: Probably.

Is Dan going to take his chance with Miss Lopez in season 5?

TE: Oomph. Well, I’m still digesting that from season 4. I felt, you know, shaken.

JH: Yeah.

IM: You did, did you?

TE: Yeah. And not stirred! [They all laugh]

Would Chloe sit by Lucifer’s side in Hell? Would she be a good queen of Hell?

IM: I think she would. Better than, um, Cersei.

TE: Although Lauren German doesn’t like to get too hot – or cold – so that could be quite difficult.

JH: Yup.

What was your first reaction when you read the script of the 410 finale scene?

IM: Well, I wrote it.

TE: You wrote it. I absolutely loved it, and I was like a kid in a candy store. Doing that dance routine was amazing.

JH: I had notes. [IM bursts out laughing]

Will the bullet necklace make a reappearance?

IM: One of my favourite things! And… yes!

JH: There you go! An actual answer!

Teaser 2

IM: Yes, we have one more teaser for season 5, which is that… what happens when Chloe finds out that she’s a gift from God?

JH: We haven’t done that.

IM: We can explore that.

JH: We can do that. We should do that.

Do you want the show to explore Lucifer as king of Hell in season 5? And are there any characters you’d like to bring next either from the Bible or the comics?

JH: The character that I want to bring in from the comics – I was trying to bring in from the comics – is Gaudium, because that’s my favourite character, and we’ve teased him here or there and at some point I want to figure out how to get him in there. [IM gives thumbs up]

JH: Anything else? What about you guys?

TE: I’d like to see Father Frank, but he has to be in Hell and that’s quite sad, isn’t it? [They all start laughing]

JH: Ildy?

IM: Oh, I thought we were done.

TE: No, we weren’t done, come back in.

IM: Oh, gosh, I’m sorry. Umm… I would like to see… I’d like to see Michael. I would. We’ve mentioned him a lot…

Will Eve and Maze get together?

TE: Who’s shipping Meve?

JH: I ship Meve.

IM: I ship Meve. And I think it’s very possible that Eve returns.

JH: Yeah, I think the question is just what journey Eve goes on while she’s away.

What was the most fun & difficult part of the dance number you did in the police station?

TE: Trying to get my arms above my head in my tight suit. We had to cut the arms off — do you remember that?

IM: Oh, yeah, yeah! I actually posted a picture of a specially-made shirt.

TE: I look like an extra from Grease. [IM & JH start laughing]

Do you personally ship Deckerstar?

TE: No, can’t stand them. Disgusting. [TE starts laughing]

IM: It’s just kinda… old news.

JH: Yeah… no.

TEOf course we do! It’s the greatest love story ever told!

JH: I’m Chloe/Dan.

Teaser 3

Time out, time out! So apparently top of next week we’re going to put a little thing out there for you – a trip down Deckerstar lane!

Not a question but thanks for everything you guys smashed it!

TE: Ohh!

IM: You smashed it! You!

TE: Smashed it! [Points at IM & JH]

JH: The fans smashed it! Thank you guys!

IM: We love you!

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