What is a convention?

After mobilizing to save the Lucifer TV Show of cancellation with Lucifans around the world, French fans have decided to re-use social networks to try to get a convention in France.
Very popular in the United States, conventions that allow fans to meet their idols in a given place are unfortunately a little rarer in France.
Several French fans have also planned to travel to Brighton in England to attend the Lux Convention.
These events, which take place over one or two days, usually feature panels, autograph sessions, photo shoots or exclusive meetings.

The Twitter campaign is a success!

Organizing a convention costs time and money, so the organizers need to be certain of the fans mobilization before launching the event.
After contacting several convention organizations, several fans created the Twitter account Convention Lucifer FR whose goal was to collect 1,000 subscribers to prove the project feasibility.
Thanks to the mobilization of Lucifans in France and around the world, the goal was quickly achieved.
Many fans are ready to travel from neighboring countries, or even much further!

Thank you to all Lucifans who helped us reach our goal!

Several convention organizations are considering the possibility of organizing the event.

CloudsCon notably asked all those interested to join a Facebook group.
Do not hesitate to join us and help us to share the project! The party just begun ;)